Khao Sok

Khao Sok

The world has spared a few places as wild, wonderful or widely diverse as Khao Sok National Park, together with two wildlife sanctuaries (Klong Saeng & Klong Nakkha). Khao Sok is part of the largest protected area in South Thailand in total 4362 sq Km, Khao Sok is in fact one of South East Asia’s most vital wildlife habitats.

It is wonderful to watch Khao Sok cast its spell on people. Those magical mornings when the world seems new like the dawn of time and gibbon songs echo in the morning mist. There is a sheer joy of plunging into some of the coolest and cleanest rivers in the kingdom at the base of a private waterfall. There’s excitement when a flock of feeding hornbills compete for the same fig tree with more species of bird and small mammals than exists in many countries.

Khao Sok is also the home of the Klong Saeng wildlife sanctuary, natural habitat of tigers, clouded leopards, black panthers, tapirs, malaysian bears and much more.

There are those magic moments when the world seems green in every conceivable shade and every conceivable shape, then suddenly one comes upon a 80 cm red blossom bursting from the ground, one of the largest flower on earth. There is the power of tropical thunder storms, deluges of rain and raging rivers in the wettest region of Thailand. One seeks shelter under an umbrella-shaped palm blade only to discover it’s a new species and the rarest palm on earth.

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